12 February 2006
happy, healthy, productive
Wow, I actually got some stitching done this weekend, and I even stuck to my original goals. You can write this one down on the calendar, because I'm sure it won't happen many times this year!

On Friday I decided that I really wanted to complete some of the charity pieces I've promised to do. I sort of remember promising myself to cut back, but all of a sudden I had enough goodwill projects that I needed to make a list. Oops! I'm impossible - chances are, if I say one thing about my stitching, I'm going to turn around and do the total opposite. LOL

Friday night I put a few stitches in the flower freebie by Blue Turtle Designs, but there was an interesting movie on and I didn't get much done. Not an auspicious beginning. But yesterday, Max and I decided to try our own SAL using the Brightneedle "Mary Kirby: Home" design that I'd recently acquired. Max won't allow me to post a picture of his till its done, but he managed to get the outline of the house done. I asked him if he minded if I finished stitching mine because I plan to make it into a little girl's purse for his school's spring fundraiser. Here's the stitched piece with the fabric I'll use for the purse.

Today I managed to finish the flower block from Blue Turtle. I had to chop a row of flowers off to comply with the very small size allowed by the charity group, but I added "bloemen" (flowers, in Dutch) using the Heart in Hand "Alphabet Mania" alphabet to keep it balanced. It's very bright and cheery and I hope it meets all the requirements for troostquilts, a Dutch-based organization that supplies charity quilts for both children and adults. I saw the link in Anneke's blog, and she was very helpful in explaining some of the rules that didn't make sense to me. Thanks, Anneke!

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I still have the sea turtle from Blue Turtle Designs to do again. I'm going to use purple and green this time. I'd hoped to make a start on that, but I'm pretty satisfied with two projects in two days.

On the health front, the kids are doing a lot better. Nicky still have a very stuffed up nose, but Rowen is nearly back in full form, and Max looks so much better that it's just remarkable. My splitting headache reached a sort of crescendo Friday night. Since then it's just been the usual sinus pressure. Niek, thankfully, hasn't shown any signs at all of illness. So we seem to be back to normal, whatever that might be. Thank you all for all your sweetness and support. And no, Joanna, Itty Bitty didn't get sick, but I did keep her out of Rowen's bed till the worst of the leakage was past us.
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  • At Sunday, 12 February, 2006, Blogger Lelia

    Hi Barbara: Good to hear your children are on the mend! Loved your pictures! Thanks for sharing

  • At Sunday, 12 February, 2006, Blogger Lelia

    Hi Barbara: Good to hear your children are on the mend! Loved your pictures! Thanks for sharing

  • At Monday, 13 February, 2006, Blogger Von

    Hi Barbara!
    What bright, cheery projects!! I know they will lift the spirits of the people who receive these gifts!!
    Glad everyone is feeling better and hope this week puts your schedule back to normal!

  • At Friday, 17 February, 2006, Blogger Cory

    I've been having a hard time commenting lately. It might be my computer. I'm glad everyone is feeling better.