08 February 2006
stuck in the middle again
Only instead of clowns & jokers surrounding me, it's germy little kids. (I'm allowed to say that 'cause they're my germy little kids! LOL) All three have some degree of the flu today. Thank heavens they're all in reasonably good moods!

Because of all the ... erm ... bodily fluids that aren't always in the little bodies, I haven't dared take out any stitching projects. I did pull out my patterns to look for designs for a quilt I want to (try to) make for a friend. Then I realized that the patterns for the cross stitched pieces would depend on the pattern for the quilt. I always seem to start at the wrong end of a thing. But after some hunting around I think I've come up with a quilt pattern that isn't too fiendishly hard for a beginner. I dug up some coordinating fabric and once the coast is clear, I'll start cutting them to size. Anyone here have any experience with quilting? This will be a small one, finishing at about 48 inches square - good for a table centerpiece or a wallhanging.

I also washed a bunch of overdyed fibers to use for an upcoming charity quilt square. Linde, over at Quilts 4 Kids, changed the rules to allow for off-white backgrounds, so my little turtle square is once again in demand. I sent the first one off for Pranav's quilt at Cole's Quilts, so I'll do it again - different colors this time, though.

I'm itching to take out Max's dragon and work on that, but that one's not washable and I just don't want to tempt fate. My head's not quite feeling up to the challenge of anything very complicated right now anyway. I hate to admit it, but after three days of being home with sick kids, I'm not exactly feeling spiffy myself. I have fitness tonight, so maybe just getting out of the house will put me back to rights.

Hmmm. Since I started this post, I've given two children two seperate baths (you don't want to know why, trust me) and done a load of laundry. It's time to start dinner now. Maybe I'll skip fitness and just go to bed tonight!

I hope you're doing well and staying healthy!!
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  • At Wednesday, 08 February, 2006, Blogger Von

    Oh, Barbara! I'm so sorry the flu has spread to all the kids. That's what seems to happen with young ones tho. Seems like it gets better as they grow - at least they can usually make it to the bathroom in time, cutting down on the laundry. Or, in our house, they carry around the famous ice cream pail just in case, lol!