04 February 2006
a pause to consider future birthdays

(by Enchanted Designs)

I'm cleaning house for tomorrow's bithday party. My windows and baths are clean, so I’m taking a short break. I’ve earned it, right? The boys are off getting sheared at the barber, and we girls are holding down the fort. I’m counseling Rowen to avoid housework for awhile longer – she’ll have enough of it to do in her future! LOL

I was noticing in Becky’s blog that she and Karen have almost the same birthday – and a very happy upcoming birthday to you two! – and it made me wonder if we have any Geminis in the audience. Would any fellow Geminis be interested in a little birthday exhange this year? I love encountering other Geminis. There’s almost always an immediate, nearly audible ‘click’. Sadly, I don’t know many people who share my star sign IRL.

If you are interested in a gift exchange, please leave your contact information and I’ll arrange it. If everyone who is interested could please say so by Tuesday the 7th, I’ll send everyone the name of her (or his) recipient on Wednesday the 8th.
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