02 February 2006
i'm leavin' on a jet plane
but I know when I'll be back again...

So, it's done. It's almost totally official. It's also non-refundable, so it better work out! Yep, I'm talking about our trip the US this summer. Niek managed to get four full weeks off, and we're spending it all in Maine with family and friends. I just can't wait. I'm fighting the urge to start packing my suitcase now. Which projects will I take along? Oh my gosh.

The even bigger news is that today our Nicky turns three years old. Where exactly the three years between then and now went is a bit of a mystery. I strongly suspect that someone keeps taking chunks of time out of my life - I mean, it just goes by so fast!!

Nicky was the only one of our children born in the hospital. They had to pretty much drag me, and truth be told, I'm still mad about it. Anyway, it was actually a snowstorm that weekend and the usual 2 1/2 minute drive to the hospital suddenly took much closer to 15 minutes because of the ice and near-white out conditions. We were given a room of our own and I spent the hours looking out at that white, cold world wishing I were in Maine. Later, when things went from being simply annoying to being kind of scary, I kept focused on that clean white snow and how it reminded me of home. Visualization can be very helpful, especially if you're having natural childbirth in a hospital setting.

Things went as well as they could, and Nicky flew into the world (according to an astonished Niek, who'd never seen a baby being born)a very healthy, beautiful baby boy. His personality remained much as it had been in the womb, and much as it still is today. He's our easy-going, fun-loving, little dare devil. He gets mad, but he gets over it quickly. He's the only one of the kids who can easily say "I'm sorry" and he loves to give and receive kisses and hugs. He's the only one of the kids who looks much like me, probably because we're both more darkly colored and stockily built than the blonde giants who inhabit this country. (That's a friendly joke, folks!) But he takes after his daddy in personality - which is probably a good thing!

Happy birthday to my little bear cub.
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  • At Friday, 03 February, 2006, Blogger Von

    What a big day for you!! Nicky's birthday and your Maine trip coming together!!! I hope you can sleep tonight :)