25 January 2006
how did I spend my day without a computer
Well, the ICT guys couldn't find the problem with my laptop during yesterday's inspection. How hard they actually looked is another question. But as Annemarie pointed out, as long as the computer still works fine to keep up with my stitching activies, what's the problem? LOL

Yesterday the kids were forced to deal with more of my attention than usual, since I didn't have my online outlet to drain off some of my focus. So Nicky is finally wearing underpants - which is another way to say he's progressed in the potty-training department. He was very proud of his new Spider Man underwear and asked me to take a picture.

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I'll spare you the stories of the laundry that built up through the day. ;-)

I also finished the Lizzie Kate "Love" ornament that I'd intended to do during the weekend. However, my finishing on this one was not up to snuff and I'm not sure if it will go out to a charity or be hung up here where the sloppy finishing stitches won't matter. It's a cute, quick design so I'm disappointed that my finishing skills (or lack thereof) made a dog's dinner of it.

Today we are all five off to the dentist. It will be the first time for Rowen and Nicky, and the first time for Max since he got a big scare from a very child-unfriendly dentist. To add to the fun, it's cold and raining outside. Oh well, it only comes up once a year. And thank heavens we have dental insurance!

We have another new blogger in our midst. As you know, Annemarie very recently started blogging and has posted some great pictures and some funny, though-provoking topics. Last night, Rachael, another member of our neighborhood RR, also jumped on the bandwagon. It's great to have even more ways to keep in touch with friends!

I can't close without thanking Carol for sending me "Alphabet Soup" by Brightneedle. Thanks Carol! I think I have just the project in mind for it, too.... Those of you who've been to our house know that our kids have left their mark on the furniture ... and I've been seriously considering replacing our worn out cloth-covered sofas with leather ones, which I've been told are much more practical in a houseful of kids. To soften the look of leather, I'd like to make (washable) linen throw pillows with cross stitch designs - and the great alphabet designs I now have seem like the perfect touch for our kid-filled, crazy household. What do you think?
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  • At Wednesday, 25 January, 2006, Blogger Isabelle

    Oh Barbara! That L*K is supercute! O€nly you knows about the "sloppy stitching", I tell you! Honestly.

    Nicky is so cute... :) Congrats to him on wearing underpants!

  • At Wednesday, 25 January, 2006, Blogger Von

    Lovely post today, Barbara!! I think Nicky's pic should be my background for the day - just can't help but laugh when you see that happy face!

  • At Thursday, 26 January, 2006, Blogger AnneS

    I agree with Von - Nicky is just too darn cute in that photo, definitely "big smile" material :) And I personally think your ornament looks fine! :)