18 January 2006
Cory, over at Sourpuss, has tagged me. To try to relieve the boredom of reading personal stuff about me, I've tried to provide the most unlikely answers (that are still true).

And on the stitching front, I will post a new picture tomorrow. My RR piece is coming along nicely. Yay!

Four jobs you have had:
(which one seems the least likely to be true?)
Jewish food prep assistant
Illegal dishwasher/chambermaid
Technical writer

Four movies you could watch over and over:
The Harry Potter Movies
The Sound of Music
The Sixth Sense

Four places you've lived:
(these are some surprising places where Major Life Events happened)
Florence Arizona
Machias, Maine
Waltham, Massachusetts
Barneveld, Netherlands

Four TV shows you love to watch:
CSI Miami
Gray’s Anatomy
Any British crime series
??? (I don't really pay much attention to TV)

Four places you've been on vacation:
Antwerp, Belgium – hitch-hiked and slept in an unlocked store
Berlin, Germany – stayed in a pension with a troupe of midget performers
Boston, MA – lost my luggage and had to spend nearly 2 days in a bus shelter waiting for it; the street people were offering me assistance!
Key West, FL – slept in the car and hung out at Denny’s till I met up with friends

Four of your favorite foods:
lentils (really!)
Fresh tuna steaks
Anything very spicy

Four places you'd rather be right now:
the coast of Maine
Some sunny island
In bed

Four sites I visit daily:
Slate newspaper
Dr. Weil health site

Four Bloggers you are tagging:
Wacky Wanderings
Contemplating my needle and thread
Dianne Rambling On
That’s the way life is
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