16 January 2006
not even close
No, I didn't even come close to finising my 100x100 design for the RR. But we enjoyed a lovely, long visit with friends today. And after that, I had a great long phone call with my mom, another with my dad (even getting to speak with one of aunts who was visiting), and of course there was the normal playing-about-with-the-kids that is part & parcel of every day. Didn't even pick up my needle till after 8 pm tonight, so it is actually kind of remarkable that I got this much done. I am a notoriously slow stitcher. I've stayed up far too late tonight, but just had to share.

For those interested in peeking, we have set up a blog for our round robin called Our Neighborhood of Make Believe. The link is in my sidebar.
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  • At Monday, 16 January, 2006, Blogger Von

    Well, Barbara, I'm not surprised you weren't able to finish the entire project, but you certainly made a respectable showing :) Good going!
    Sounds like a very lovely weekend.