30 December 2005
stash storage
A few people have asked about the chest/bureau (I really am unsure what the correct term is) that Niek gave me for Christmas, so here it is. For Ikea shoppers, this is from the Malm series. The lovely little basket there is a handmade Maine original given to me by Mary, my Dad's wonderful girlfriend. I'm going to fill it with "smalls" that I make this year (or so I hope!).

Obviously the contents are what's interesting. Poor Niek thought this would hold all my stash and leave room to grow. Well . . . Not quite. But there is finally room for all my notions (needles, buttons, beads, blending filiment, metallics, etc.) and fibers to be organized in a very orderly fashion in the top two drawers (there are also 4 DMC bobbin storage boxes not shown here) and the bottom drawer holds my leaflets, kits, and and 2 important WIPs. My freebies and working copies are still stored in large binders over by the TV. I keep my fabrics upstairs in the old baby bureau. And there's a bag of hoops, but that's just silliness because I only like one of my hoops and my Q-Snap. (Anyone out there need hoops?)

Tonight I hope to finish my little charity square because tomorrow will be taken up with New Year's Eve preparations. And hopefully we'll get the nursery reorganized. In addition to the bureau, we got a bookcase for the nursery and plan to move Nicky's crib out and a bed in. It's remarkably difficult to do anything like that with three kids milling around, though!

I hope that everyone enjoys a fun, safe, and happy New Year's Eve!
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  • At Friday, 30 December, 2005, Blogger Von

    Oooooo, Barbara, I see lots of lovely silks!! How nice to have them accessible so you can just open the drawer and pet them whenever you need to!!
    Wish Ikea was closer to us so I could actually look at the stuff firsthand, rather than in the catalog! We have to drive to Seattle, and we don't usually have opportunity to stop there when we're in the city.