27 December 2005
2005 finishes, 2006 good intentions
I've noticed that the year-end lists are popping up all over the place so I made my list of finishes for this year. I think it's pretty accurate, though I may have overlooked small projects that I forgot to photography. I keep a pretty complete record over at Cyberstitchers with details about the project.

Anyway, this year was my first year of stitching on a near-daily basis. Formerly, I would do an occassional project as the spirit moved me, but it wasn't unusual for me to go an entire year without picking up a single project. During that time, however, I did manage to complete some things that I still really like, particularly this wedding piece I made for Sara.

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Here are the projects that I completed in 2005 (no carry-overs from previous years). Those followed by a G were given away as gifts, those followed by a C were given to charities.
1. Ode to a Fiddlehead, Fiddlestitch Cottage Designs G
2. Little Tugger, Eric Christian, day time and nighttime views G
(this is actually two different projects)
3. Urn with Four Flowers, Prairie Schooler G
4. Spring, Summer, and Autumn ranges of Anne Les Petities Croix freebie G
5. Guardians of Winter angel, Blue Whale Designs C
6. Freehand, primitive stitching of various freebies from Elizabeth’s Designs
7. Noah’s Ark, Jane Greenoff C
8. Five Birds, freebie from Barrick Designs
9. Four Fat Friends, freebie from The Drawn Thread
10. Wahoo combined with Rise & Shine, Bent Creek G
11. Bluebird Zippie, Bent Creek combined with My Garden Wild, For My Boys C
12. Night Light, Bent Creek G
13. Rain, freebie from DMC G
14. Futurecast, freebie from Teresa Wentzler G
15. Superman logo, freebie from Tricoland G
16. Better a Small Fish, Prairie Schooler G
17. Delivering Posies, Homespun Elegance G
18. Peacock Repose, The Workbasket
19. Train of Dreams, freebie from Point de Croix G
20. Forest Song, my design
21. Stick it Here, Prairie Schooler G
22. Swirly Sheep, freebie from Rainbow Gallery C
23. Cat with Fish, Prairie Schooler C
24. Poodle, freebie from Dolly Mamas G
25. C – Cats, Carriage House Samplings C
26. The Zandy Cat Teapot, Mosey N Me C
27. Black Cat, Bent Creek C
28. Sheep pull toy, Prairie Schooler G
29. Sweet Dreams, La D Da G
30. Halloween Holiday, Birds of a Feather G
31. Bee Scissor Fob, Shepherd’s Bush G
32. Hearts & Flowers, Carriage House Samplings
33. Christmas ornaments from Prairie Schooler freebies C
34. Snowman’s Holiday, Lizzie Kate G
35. Octopus, Carriage House Samplings G
36. The Stitchers Set, freebie from Laura Lattuada G
37. For the Birds, Drawn Thread
38. Bookmarks from freebie designs G/C
39. Reindeer Sampler, Heart in Hand G
40. Seek, Praiseworthy Stitches G
41. Sailing boat, freebie from Stitch Alley G
42. *Warm Welcome, Cross Eyed Cricket
43. *Summer, freebie from Canerbury Designs C

I currently have the following WIPs/UFOs, in order of importance:
A Primitive Stocking, CHS
Garden sampler freebie from Anne Les Petities Croix
Rowen’s birth sampler, various designers
Good Things, BoaF
Garden Sampler, PS
Counting Magpies, BoaF
Celtic knot bookmark, Dragonfly Designs

For 2006, I want to do about 10 times more than I actually can, so I've broken it down by quarters and put a list in my sidebar. There's room in there for the projects that come up at the last minute, but at least the major projects are listed.
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  • At Tuesday, 27 December, 2005, Blogger Von

    Hi Barbara! My jaw just dropped to my chest at the number of projects you finished this year!! Only in my wildest dream could I come close, lol!! Congrats! And I'm looking forward to seeing more wonderful things in 2006.

  • At Tuesday, 27 December, 2005, Blogger Tobie

    Hi Barbara, I've enjoyed reading your blog! I think you have an impressive finish list there for 2005. WTG and hope you make a big dent in your 2006 want-to-stitch list!

  • At Wednesday, 28 December, 2005, Blogger Von

    Hi Barbara, I tried to respond to your email this afternoon, but it didn't go thru to you saying you are over quota :(
    Anyway, I assumed many, if not most, of your projects were small, but still it's an impressive list!!!