21 December 2005
good things come in small packages
Meet my new baby:

Niek and I went shopping for this little darling on December 5th. That was a very foolish thing to do, because Dec. 5th is an informal holiday here, the day the kids get their gifts from Sinterklaas. It is a bad day to shop or to try to get out of a large, busy city on a tight schedule! And no stores had this model in stock. Anyway, since then, it seems like one thing and another has come up and we have not been able to get our new video recorder. Though simply refering to this as a 'video recorder' should get my knuckles rapped. This is so much more! We are happily pouring through the instructions manuals now. There's one in Dutch and one in English, so we can read through them together. The small joys of matrimonial bliss. :-)

Before you ask where we bought the lottery ticket that made this luxury purchase possible, I will tell you that this has been made possible by my mom. Without her, we would still be dreaming about making movies of our kids. Thanks, Momsie!

(Niek is walking around filming our empty living room - the kids have gone to bed - and talking out loud about what he's doing. Those of us who've had the pleasure of knowing Niek, know how much he does love to keep up a running commentary. LOL!)
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  • At Wednesday, 21 December, 2005, Anonymous Jenna

    GREAT camera! A Sony with a Carl Zeiss lens? Wow! What a lovely gift from your mom, though I'm sure it was so that she gets to see videos of the kids, as well. ;)

  • At Wednesday, 21 December, 2005, Blogger Von

    How marvelous, Barbara! I'm sure Gramma is going to get her money's worth out of it, lol! Every one of you will always be glad to have memories of your family recorded. We have many ancient video tapes and kids watch now and then. Should probably get them transferred onto digital something or other - my DH is the expert, lol!