18 December 2005
It's been a busy weekend! My apologies to everyone whose blog I've missed visiting and to everyone whose email I haven't yet answered. After this afternoon's bithday party, everyone (but me) came down feeling unwell. Not sure if it was from the party or just the fact that everyone was worn out. They are all in bed now, and I will try to catch up a bit on everything. I would also like to get a few more stitches in on a CEC mitten design that is keeping me feeling cheery with the bright colors.

I hope everyone else is having a healthy, happy weekend - not too troubled by weather extremes or by pre-Christmas rushing.
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  • At Monday, 19 December, 2005, Blogger Von

    Well, at least you're not ill, Barbara! The household comes to a standstill when mama is sick. Hope everyone's feeling better tomorrow :)

  • At Monday, 19 December, 2005, Blogger Susimac

    Hi Barbara

    Hope everyone are feeling much better today, and that you haven't come down with anything, maybe it was just excitement from the party, fingers crossed