17 December 2005
oh the weather outside is frightful
We woke to hail and wind, wind and hail. There are hailstones piled up deep enough to look like snow. Naturally, we all had errands that had to be done this morning. Niek took the car and two kids, and I took Nicky on the back of my bike. Brrr! It's been awhile since I've biked in this sort of weather, but Nicky was very good about holding still in his childseat on the back of my bike. We didn't get all our errands run, but the most important ones were accomplished (mailing Aunt Hattie and Aunt Cindy's gifts and re-stocking the kids' vitamin supplies). When I asked Nicky if he wanted to go home or head into town to pick up the books, he quickly said, "HOME!" Meanwhile, Niek appears to have bought out the local Lidl supermarket. Since our neighborhood grocery store burned down, we've been trying to find a good replacement for it. There is none.

Tonight we have friends coming to visit, which will be a treat. And tomorrow we are going to a birthday party for Taras, the 2-year son of a stitching friend. Somewhere in between I hope to do one of the adorable CEC family mitten patterns that Maria sent me. Thanks, Maria! I finished the stitching for all of Max's pirate stuff, and now just have to do the finishing. Hooray!

I hope that wherever you are, it's delightful!
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  • At Saturday, 17 December, 2005, Blogger Von

    Barbara, the weather here is delightful compared to yours!! Still gray and cold, probably for a couple more days.
    Stay warm!!