15 December 2005
my daughter's "first"

Haircut, that is.

To me, the first haircut is truly the end of babyhood ... and accordingly, I have delayed it as much as possible with all three of my children. But the other night during dinner, Rowen investigated her candle a little too closely and I had to cut a large swatch out of her hair where it singed. Today, I got out my embroidery scissors, the sharpest in the house, and began snipping. It's shorter than I wanted it, but kids will move at the worst possible moment. There are now three envelopes of baby hair from first cuts: Max's black-brown baby hair, Nicky's glorious auburn curls, and Rowen's white-blonde locks. I find it odd, these seemingly constant reminders that my children are no longer babies. I'm one of those odd women who looks at a newborn and would gladly go through it all again. It's pretty ironic, because I never even wanted children until my mid/late 20's. I was very happy with my cat, Dan, my iguana(s), my ferret Moira, and my friends. Those were great times, but I honestly cannot imagine my life now without kids.

Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments! I'll keep doing my thing and hoping that no one takes it the wrong way. I'm a seriously flawed human creature, but I keep trying to improve. I've learned so much from the friends and strangers I've met and encountered here in cyberspace. Thank you.
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  • At Thursday, 15 December, 2005, Blogger Von

    Ahhhh, the first haircut :) A very difficult time for mama and baby. I still cut the hair of my 4 youngest - thank God it's been a long time since I've snipped an ear, lol! (But I really have done it.)
    I truly know how you feel about newborns. While I always knew I wanted children, I was not prepared for the enormity of my emotion, nor the total wonder of that first newborn child. So I wanted four. . . got to four and wanted another . . . got two! Then that last little surprise :) Now that I'm through the "change" I finally am free of the newborn desire, but love to delight in others' babies - especially my daughter's!