24 December 2005
a day of joy
I know I said I wouldn't be posting tonight, but here I am anyway. Couldn't resist sharing a few photos of our happy celebration today. We had a big late lunch and then got down to business. Rowen was especially enamored of her dolls, but also insisted on wearing everyone's new clothes at the same time. Just looking at her was making me sweat. Max wore a few of his own new clothes and stayed in a tie till bedtime. Nicky only had eyes for his new toolbox and what mischief he could get up to with it. Niek and I had so much fun watching the kids' antics that I wish I could bottle up those good feelings for rainy days. Niek also had great fun with our new DVD recorder, recording the kids' joy and the general mayhem. I'm looking forward to the playback later. Even the critters got gifts - Spin got a few new toys and some kitty candy and Gilbert got a new toy for his bird cage. I'll leave you with a few photos and with very warm wishes for your own joyous celebrations.

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