29 December 2005
wishing you a warm welcome!
Well, here is the long-time-in-coming CEC project. I finally got it finished this afternoon just before dinner and hung it in the window by our front door so Niek would see it when he came home from work. Naturally, he came in through the back door! (I actually made him go back out and re-enter from the front so he'd see it!) I want to thank Maria for gifting me with this one - she knew it was perfect for us. Each of us picked his/her favorite colors, so each of the mittens "belongs" to one of us.

Finishing is not my strong point, but I wanted to try a quilting-type finish on this piece. I had a piece of red linen in just the right color, so I ironed down all the folds for seams (after measuring pretty carefully, for me) and started hand-stitching the top and sides down using DMC 321 (which was nearly a perfect match). When I had only the bottom left, I slipped in a piece of quilt batting and then stitched the bottom shut. It looks like of like a really flat pillow, but I'm happy with it. I used two Mill Hill (or are the JABC?) buttons and two regular buttons to decorate the corners. I've hung it using a piece of coat hanger wire slipped through the top to keep it from sagging in the middle, but I really do need to get a rod (which was the intention when I finished it).

Thank you to everyone who has left such heart warming comments over the holidays. I love how cozy the world has become since I ventured online and met all you great people! You've brought a lot of joy to my life and to my stitching!
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