04 January 2006
let the good times roll!
Today we took the kids to the museum of natural history in Leiden to catch their Crocodile XXL exhibition - a dinosaur-eating croc that lived in prehistoric times. Wow - that thing was as long as a city bus (12 meters) and its head was as big as a full-grown man. 132 teeth! 80000 kilo bite-power! (I'm full of fascinating facts after helping Max find all the answers for his museum book!) We had so much fun. Even Nicky and Rowen - without toppling over any of the carefully arranged dinosaur skeletons! LOL. (Truthfully, these sorts of ideas keep me awake at night.)

When we got home, tired and happy, I found my big packet from The Natural Dye Studio awaiting me. Listen, if you are a fabric freak, you have to check her stuff out. She is amazing. This is my second order and I will be back again! I bought the silk I wanted to make Rowen's Itty Bitty Pear Doll, the silk twine and thick spun silk I want to use to finish off Max's dragon project(s), and a lot of cotton squares/scraps for ... my secret project. Sorry to be so coy, but it will be a gift, if it comes out right. There will be lots of fun stuff for finishing the smalls I intend to make this year, too. She sells on eBay and her prices are great, her shipping is very fair, and she's a very considerate seller. (I don't mean to sound like an advertisement, but I just get very excited when I encounter an eBayer who is so good to do business with.) I know that a few of you are also members of the smalls group, and these little pieces are great for finishing. She sells yarn, too, but darn it, I still haven't had the chance to sit down with those knitting needles again. (I will figure it out this year!)

I contacted Linda at Cole's Quilts today regarding the sweet little turtle and he will fit well with a Nemo-theme quilt that is soon starting up. Phew! Linda accepts any light-colored aida, and it was for her organization that I made my very first charity piece last year.

Continuing the positive streak, I have also decided which house I will stitch on my neighborhood RR. I love primitive stuff - it's just so wacky that I always smile - and I've settled on "Come Fly Away" by Sheepish Designs. Coincidentally, it is on that funny list (Nov. 18th) I made of charts that describe me/answer questions.
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  • At Thursday, 05 January, 2006, Blogger Von

    We love taking the kids to museums and the like when we have a chance! Glad you had fun :)
    And what beautiful stuff you got in today's post!! Enjoy!

  • At Sunday, 08 January, 2006, Blogger AnneS

    OK, I have to admit that thread site looks pretty pretty tempting for the silk threads if nothing else ... I think I shall have to banish it to my "censored" sites - it's prohibited until I have some spending cash put aside ... I've bookmarked it for later ;) Your stash haul from them looks great! Hopefully I'm back on top of blogging again (or at least I will be after this weekend catching up on the backlog) - I've missed seeing your progress and chatting about life in general :)