11 January 2006
The itty bitty pear doll. What do you think? I stitched her over one on a piece of 19 ct. Cork I bought over a year ago from Nordic Needle (my first online fabric order...). I used silks out of my stash, so she's darker than the Sisters & Best Friends model. She's a ripe pear :-). (The camera had a hard time with the similarites between the fabric background and the face/arms, so this isn't the best picture.)

I have plenty of time to stitch her into a doll before Rowen's birthday, so rather than tackling finishing on this cold, wet, dark day, I instead cut my piece of fabric for the neighborhood RR. Su has already done her first house, and Dianne and Annemarie have also started, so I figured I better get busy. As far as my actual stitching progress goes (I'm doing "Come fly away" by Sheepish Designs), I don't think my 6 little stitches merit a progress picture. I'm just glad to have the fabric decided upon - I went through agonies of indecision before finally going with a piece of 28 ct taupe Cashel linen I had in my stash.

It was too dark for Miss Mary Mack today - I need both natural daylight and an overhead light - but thank you all for your kind comments on the progress I made yesterday. Hopefully we will have some sunnier weather tomorrow and I can resume.
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  • At Wednesday, 11 January, 2006, Blogger Von

    Barbara, that little pear doll is the sweetest!! Can't wait to see her all made up and ready for gifting - Rowen's going to be crazy for her :)

  • At Friday, 13 January, 2006, Blogger AnneS

    Your little pear doll is very very cute! Like Von I can't wait to see her stitched up and all finished :)