19 January 2006
hearth & home
Well, I think I've figured out satin stitches. :-)

Here's the latest view of my house for our neighborhood RR. The kids have been surprisingly cooperative about allowing me stitching time during the day. Normally, I can only work on projects after they're in bed. It sure makes a big difference in how quickly a project comes together!

This design is based on "Come Fly Away" by Sheepish Designs, but I've made lots of changes - from the color scheme to the stitches to adding lots of flowers to the lawn, and so on. As mentioned, that bright green bird is actually our Gilbert, and the kitty climbing the tree is Spin. Nicky said that Spin was climbing the tree the wrong way and should walk on the ground - everyone's a critic! LOL! I put a blackbird in the strawberry plant because we have lots of blackbirds here. I'll probably also make changes to the flying birds (that are yet to be stitched) to reflect our feathered friends.

The weather hasn't been great, but if I'm paying attention in the morning, around 8 or 8:30, the sun really does try to come out. It doesn't make it, but at least there's the attempt to lift one's spirits.
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