23 January 2006
unplugged, disconnected, out of the loop ...
My little laptop has developed a severe dislike of the workplace network, which is a big problem because this is a work-issued computer that I'm supposed to ... well, do work on. For the past two weeks, it just conks out on me at work and I constantly have to reboot, which is time consuming and occassionally results in a bit of lost work (not much - I do CTRL + S very often!). So I finally called the technical WonderBoys in our ICT department and they will delve into the hidden depths to search out the problem tomorrow. Which means I'll be offline all day, and (gulp) possibly longer if there's a serious problem.

I participated in the January stitch-a-thon in the Friends Gather group. sigh I didn't do well at all with that. But a big thanks to Karen, who has the brilliant idea of working on one project for all the monthly stitch-a-thons. I'm shamelessly stealing this idea and using it for myself! Now the question is, do I dedicate the CHS alphabet series to this endeavor? Or Houses of Hawk Run Hollow? Or do I do one stocking at a time till I've got them all? Hmmm. Tough decision.

I'll miss you all tomorrow - I tried to get to everyone's blog tonight, and if I missed you, I'm sorry! Thank you all very, very, very much for your kind comments on my little house. I am so happy with it - it really took on a whole new level of significance as I re-made it to suit me, which was a very pleasurable experience. I'm eager to begin the second house but I'll have to wait till March! I get to work on Annemarie's next, while mine heads over to Novia. Exciting!!!
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  • At Tuesday, 24 January, 2006, Blogger Von

    We'll miss you Barbara!! Having just gone through a mess of computer problems, I can say I truly feel your pain. The only difference is there are other computers in the house I can commandeer now and then.
    Do lots of stitching :)

  • At Tuesday, 24 January, 2006, Blogger Isabelle

    Sorry about your laptop Barbara... I hope it's nothing too serious. Come back soon! We'll miss you!