22 January 2006
it's done ... who wants to dance?

Here's my completed house for our neighborhood round robin! I'm pretty excited about it. The house looks reasonably like our own, and I've changed the birds to those that visit us IRL. There are two blackbirds, a big magpie, and our Gilbert. Though an apple tree actually grows in our front yard, we have a lot of weeping willows across the street that we all enjoy looking at, so I kept the willow that's in the original design. The kitty is our own Spin. I've changed most of the colors, but I did use the different stitches called for - though not always exactly where they were called for! Nonetheless, I think the designers would recognize it and would not be dismayed by my "tweaks."

I am very excited about this project - we've got a great group, and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone better and seeing everyone's stitching. Dianne sent me a lovely ornament for Christmas, so we do have a sample of her stitching already at home. And Annemarie's beautiful mailart envelope has place of honor in our living room (where I use it as a needlecase). I've seen Novia's stitching, too, when she came to a stitchers' gathering here in September. But I have enjoyed Carol's, Rachael's, Su's and Veronica's stitching only from the distance of the internet.

This weekend went by far too fast - I had planned to also complete at least one charity ornament, but only got about 1/3 of the stitching done for it. However, I am very happy to have completed my house!
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