28 January 2006
time to get a grip
Since a commenter who I will not name told me to go to 25 Things for Charity and “write a sensible blog entry” I guess I’ll catch up on what I’ve done this month, even though it isn’t the end of the month yet. This month I sent a quilt square to Cole’s Quilts (my turtle on ivory aida), donated two boxes of toys to raise money for street children in Russia, and donated 4 bags of children & adult clothes to a local charity. I have also collected several warm children’s sweaters to mail to China, but since they haven’t been posted that will have to count for February.

If anyone knows of any literacy groups collecting books for very young children, please let me know. Our children have nearly outgrown theirs. These are all English-language books, and I can’t find any local charities for them.

When I signed up as a member of this amazing group, I didn’t think I stood a chance of accomplishing the year-end goal of 25 “things” but I wanted to try. Each month, I attempt to devote at least two gestures toward a charity – it could be a handmade item, recycling clothes or toys or books for those who don’t have them, etc. This has turned into a process of change from the inside, too. I’ve been looking at the world with newly-opened eyes. My oldest son has been interested in helping, too, which is probably the best possible thing that could happen – touching one person, who touches another … a chain reaction of goodwill.

That said, trying to help out where it’s possible does not mean abandoning humor and only taking life seriously. So, please, withhold commands to go absolve myself for a burst of humor. I think if people laughed a little more often, there’d be that much less misery in the world. If my blog bothers you because I am too nationalistic and too insensitive - traits that I can't imagine anyone assigning to me - you do have the option of simply not reading it.

Thank you very much for your kind and supportive comments! Wow. I'm at a loss for words. I'll get a grip now, myself, and follow my mom's advice from childhood: Ignore anyone who's bothering you because they'll just get bored and go away.

Isn't it weird that the older you get, the more your parents know? LOL!
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  • At Sunday, 29 January, 2006, Blogger AnneS

    I am gob-smacked (Aussie for 'stunned') at the inference to a comment you received ... heaven forbid that you lose your sense of humour and take life too seriously. I always say you do more positive things for yourself and others when you yourself feel positive - and humour makes me feel positive ... personally your recent blog comments had me in stitches, and after a rough day at the office, it was a sheer delight to come home to! I agree with you - if people don't agree with your attitude, they don't have to read it! Geez!!! Personally I think you're just wonderful the way you are! :))))) {hugs}

  • At Sunday, 29 January, 2006, Blogger Barbara

    AnneS, I'm very glad I could give you a laugh! Especially after a rough day of work. How are the temps there? Finally coming down a bit?