03 February 2006
ohmygosh - this is the cutest thing I've ever made!

Here is Rowen's Itty Bitty Pear doll, totally finished. Now, I have never said this of anything I've made, but the picture doesn't do it justice! I'm reallly happy with this project, and happy that my finishing skills are improving enough that I could make something for my daughter that really shows how much I love her. (Rather than looking like an ambitious six-year old made it. LOL!) That's a newborn picture of Rowen next to Itty Bitty. Wasn't she a gorgeous baby?

I hope this will become a beloved bedtime companion for Rowen, and even that Itty Bitty will follow Rowen off to college and into The Real World someday. A little bit of my love, always close at hand. (I'm a soppy sentimentalist, aren't I?)

I stitched Itty Bitty all in silk on a soft Cork linen. She's backed with a raw silk that's both soft and textured. Her funny, floppy legs are the tiniest baby socks I could find, which I stitched down to even narrower tubes. The seam is edged in a silk boucle that I found (to my surprise) in my stash. Most of the silk, including the boucle and backing, are from The Natural Dye Studio. (Su, that wasn't me bidding against you - honest!!)

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