06 February 2006
birthday fun was had by all
The birthday party for Nicky and Rowen was a lot of fun - all of Niek's brothers came, plus Opa and Oma (grandpa and grandma). The kids always get very excited when Oma is around.

I'd made three kinds of cake, plus an apple pie; there was ice cream & whipped cream; beef veggie stew & quiche; and little snacky things. I don't think anyone went away hungry. The older cousins set up a disco in Max's room upstairs, which was just too darn adorable. I was allowed to deliver chips to the door, but not to enter! Rowen made her rounds of the adults, finding adult company much more interesting than that of other children.

I gave her Itty Bitty before the party started, hoping to get a decent picture, but the doll is just too small and Rowen is just too wiggly. Actually, taking pictures was something of a challenge, as you can see by the few I've posted. The kids' favorite toys were a drum (from Uncle Frank), a dolly (from Uncle Rich & Aunt Amy), and a Play Dough set (from big brother Max). My favorite gifts were the clothes!

Thank you all for your wonderful wishes and comments for our little darlings. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. At this time next year, Nicky will be in school! (And boy, is he eager for that! He was trying to read his own birthday cards!)

We have a little breather before Max's birthday, and I hope to get his dragon finished as well as some other projects. I started Niek's Valentine's day present today while staying home with Rowen (who came down ill during the night) and hope to post a picture tomorrow.
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  • At Tuesday, 07 February, 2006, Blogger Von

    Ooooh! Stick horses!! I love those when I was little. I gave one to my DGS for his second birthday. :)) Looks like a very successful party - no wonder Rowan needed a little downtime today.