09 February 2006
I want to go to the post office!
Here in Sickville, the kids are feeling well enough to bicker with each other though they're still experiencing unsavory flu symptoms. I do hope tomorrow we'll be able to get back to normal. Max has made the most rapid improvement and will almost certainly be able to go to school tomorrow. Nicky's also doing pretty well, but Rowen ... well, I'm not sure if she'll be up to a day of daycare tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we are out of everything. How do you take three kids who're ... leaking ... to the supermarket? Leaving them home alone isn't an option. We do have the stuff to make one more batch of chicken soup (though I may start shedding feathers if I eat any more of the stuff!). And I have a stack of mail to go out, but the post office is even more of an immpossibility than the supermarket. Friends who have birthdays, I apologize now for the lateness of your cards! My sister-in-law's birthday has already passed (yesterday) and I'm looking right at her stamped, addressed card. I don't think I've ever said I want to go to the PO, but I sure do now!

Not much stitching to report. I had a killer headache last night and was totally useless. I tried to start a teeny design by Elizabeth's Designs but didn't get very far. I did place my first order for some Vikki Clayton silks after Karen warned me how much fiber the mystery Quaker sampler consumes. Thanks, Karen, I would've seriously underestimated that! So now I have one more reason to stalk my mailman, who has been avoiding me this week.

I made a very dull trial blog posting of the projects I've promised to do and those I'd simply like to do, but I think I'll spare you that. It did help me get an idea of what should take priority. Lately, I've been in a mood where I want to stitch everything at once!
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  • At Thursday, 09 February, 2006, Blogger Von

    Barbara, can't dh stop at the grocers for you? It took a long time to train mine to read the list correctly, and for me to write a better list, lol, but eventually he got really good at it! He had to when I was pg with the twins :))
    Perhaps stores close earlier in the day?
    Be sure to take care of yourself. It's bad when mommy gets sick!

  • At Thursday, 09 February, 2006, Blogger Barbara

    Actually, Von, I contacted Niek at work and told him to take us out for dinner!!