11 February 2006
stitching with my toes
We are all upright and mobile, though I would probably pass for the kids' grandma today. Yikes - too bad purple rings under the eyes aren't considered attractive. Maybe I should go for a Goth look?

I've received two envelopes of patterns - our mailman is trying to get back into my good graces, I suspect. First to arrive was a collection of second-hand charts won on eBay: Birds and Berries and Pear Orchard Farm (both by Sheepish designs), Dutch Strawberries (The Goode Huswife), and Finger Lakes Sampler (Brightneedle). I was a little disappointed with the condition of the Sheepish Design charts, but they are still readable. This morning, Kathy Barrick-Dieter's envelope arrived. When I saw her new Nashville designs, I wanted them all! I absolutely love the Tombstone angels, but the rest of the family finds them morbid. So sadly, I passed them by. I did induldge in Tavern Signs Too and also picked up the chart for Mr & Mrs Abbott and Daughters. The idea - which I discussed with Kathy - is to re-adapt two of the daughters as sons, and hang them up in one of our front windows with Collins Inn in the other window. The two designs look so good together. Even Niek thinks they'll look great.

Last night I started work on a small design for a charity square that I hope to post tonight. It's another freebie from Blue Turtle designs - I really love these designs! This weekend I hope to finish a lot of the charity stitching I've promised to do. I haven't worked too much on Max's dragon because I have a hard time reading the hand-drawn chart with the headache I've had, but it is coming along beautifully. The colors are just stunning. That's not me bragging about my choices, that's me expressing enormous admiration for the talented people who dye the fibers and fabrics. I'm a color junkie, and I just find it so amazing that people can create these incredibly rich, varied color combinations. Wow!

I am eagerly awaiting the Nashville additions to my favorite ONSs. I have pre-ordered A Most Noble Pursuit and I was excited to see that Vikki Clayton now has a conversion available for it. Speaking of Vikki's silks, I'm awaiting my first order of them and thinking about joining the FOTM that's just started up again.

Thank you one and all for your very supportive comments this week. It's a week I'm glad to have behind me - kids are a joy, but when all of them get sick at once, the days sort of shrink in on themselves. Your comments helped keep me cheery and upbeat, and connected to a world that didn't involve ... leaks. LOL!! (I did finally get to the post office before it closed yesterday, too - hooray!)
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  • At Saturday, 11 February, 2006, Blogger Von

    Hi Barbara,
    The Tavern Signs and A. and Daughters will be a wonderful display - they do work well together!!
    I was looking at Vikki's site yesterday considering her FOTM - I just can't decide which one!!

  • At Friday, 17 February, 2006, Blogger AnneS

    Crikey, it looks like you've really had your hands full just lately - hope the family are all fighting fit again, and you're getting life 'back to normal'. Your latest charity square is gorgeous - I just love those bright flowers :) And I can't wait to see Max's house, as well as seeing your finished purse. I've missed seeing what you've been up to - and it's been a joy catching up reading your blog ... as always :))