28 February 2006
where to begin?
Hi everyone - I'm back! Niek brought my replacement laptop home tonight! He quickly got me set up for emailing and Internet access and I've spent the last few hours catching up with everyone's blogs. Wow, you've all been so busy!! After completing my rounds, I felt ready to start my own return to blogging ... and quickly discovered that my "new" laptop and my digital camera have not been formally introduced. Nor has the laptop made the aquaintance of our scanner. ...sigh... All of which means I can't play Show And Tell properly tonight.

I have so many people to say thank you to. I have tried to get a personal note - snail mail, email, or a blog comment - out to everyone. If I overlooked you, kick me in the butt and I will quickly remedy the situation. Seriously, folks, you've been great. I have pictures in my camera of some great pick-me-up gifts that I've been truly touched and honored to receive. Then there've been the messages, both through the post and email, that've helped me feel like I'm still part of the world. And phone calls, too! Those who know me from 'way back' know I'm not much of a fan of the phone (I suspect I just burned out during my teenage years, when I had a phone attached to the side of my head - LOL!) but during these past few weeks I have really enjoyed and appreciated the calls and contact. I hope I haven't run anyone's phone bills up too much! And there has even been real life contact made during this difficult time - I finally met Annemiek at the craft fair in Zwolle! All of which goes to prove that there really is a silver lining to even the darkest clouds.

There is still a lot of rebuilding to do, but the kids' pictures were all backed up to our external hard drive at the beginning of January (thanks to Niek for not procrastinating!). That was our big worry. I lost a lot of patterns (freebies) and links, but of course half the fun is in the collecting anyway. LOL

I didn't do a lot of stitching during this period. As I told Annemarie, I was just too jittery during the week right after the burglary to settle on anything. And then I had a bit of a dip. I am feeling better now, thanks, and I'm sure things will go much more pleasantly now that I'm 'reconnected'. I have kept up with the wonderful Quaker mystery sampler (I hope to start part two this week). I've stitched and unstitched the wings on Max's dragon enough times that I'm getting annoyed with it. (I can't seem to hit the right color combination, but it will come. I think I need to set it aside for a bit and do something else.) Not much to show for three weeks' time, I'm afraid.

Some Blogland friends have had rough times these past weeks, and I want to send my best wishes winging your way. Ash has had a rough time recuperating from her recent surgery, but that hasn't stopped her from being a real pillar of support for me (even offering the loan of a laptop!). And I was sorry to hear that Anne has also undergone some trials & tribulations recently. I hope that Jenna's arm, toe, and head are all pain-free. I was shocked to hear that Design a Blog is no more, but relieved that Jane is still around.

I hope that the end of winter brings not only more sunshine but lots more happiness and health to all. Wishing you the best, and thanking you all for being part of my circle of friends. (Picture humbly lifted from here.)
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