24 February 2006
Well, the good news is that my employer has decided to issue me a replacement laptop. My work's fallen terribly far behind and we have a critical new release coming out next week, so they really do need me to be able to work from home. The bad news is, there is currently no laptop available. Hopefully on Monday there will be one. Cross your fingers for me. I had no idea this whole process would take so long! Last time my laptop was stolen, I had a replacement within the week. We're up to nearly 3 weeks now.... sigh.

I want to thank you all again - need to thank you! - for your continuing support and encouragement. This week I received lovely pick-me-up packets and messages from Carol and Von, and more phone calls from Rachael. My email has been a bit wonky from everyone trying to leave messages, and I apologize to those (like Annemarie!) who've tried repeatedly without being able to leave an email. Thank you to Jenna, Su, and Harmien for your emails! I miss everyone! I feel really strange, being so long offline. I haven't done as much stitching as I would like - I still feel pretty unsettled and emotional about the whole thing - I'm trying not to take the burglary personally, but it's hard not to feel targeted. And it has been discouraging that the police and my employer have been so slow to react and cooperate, though I can understand their issues.

The kids are doing great - next week is the so-called 'crocus vacation' for Max's school and we are planning a special trip to Amsterdam to check out some museums and have fun. Max loves to take the train, so we'll travel there & back by train. Nicky and Rowen have daycare on Monday, so it will be just the two of us. Niek would love to come, but work has gotten crazy the last couple of days. There is also a craft fair in another part of the country that I hope to attend on Sunday. I've never been, but Ash assures me that it's well worth the trip.

Well, work is pressing, so I will keep this short. I do hope that next week will once again find us connected from home and I can get back in touch with everyone.

Take care!
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