08 May 2006
three cheers for a new beginning!
On a joyous note, I'd like to proudly announce the wedding of my father with a lovely lady (whom I have yet to meet). Here is a beautiful picture of the bride and groom, together with my very handsome brother and his lovely family.

As I often point out to Max, we're lucky because we have two fathers. My parents divorced when I was young, but I had the wonderfully good fortune of getting my Daddy when Mom later remarried. I have two amazing fathers who support and encourage me in very different, but very vital, ways. Best of all, they get along with each other so I don't have to feel "guilty" about loving both of them right to bits.

Jim, my biological father, is largely the source of my more artistic leanings, and probably the source of my wanderlust. We're both fairly solitary creatures who have a hard time making new friends but would go to the ends of the earth for the friends we have. Jim has always encouraged me to dream, and to believe in my dreams. Max is convinced he can literally climb mountains with his Grandpa Jim.

Gaby, my new stepmother, is by all accounts a kind and wonderful woman who I'll come to treasure the moment I meet her. Gaby, I treasure you already for bringing joy and companionship to Jim's life! I can't wait to meet you this summer!

Three big cheers for the happy new couple!
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