30 April 2006
brrrr! turn the heat up!

What a cold weekend this has been!! We did go to the Keukenhof yesterday and had a lovely time admiring the flowers and everything - while shivering in our winter jackets! We took lots of pictures - even Niek took pictures this time - which I will be so happy to share when our new computer arrives. Soon....

Today we've just relaxed at home. Niek spent much of the morning clearing out our library. In addition to holding our thousands of books, it is also the resting place for two cribs, several empty shipping boxes, and a lot of other curious objects. When we set Rowen's new bed up last night (more pictures I can't wait to share), I guess Niek decided that the library was just too full. The kids have been playing outside and Niek and I have been tempted to pull on our winter jackets too. We've kept the back door open, and it's COLD in here!

This week is the May vacation. Max is in England with his biological father and grandparents, hopefully having a great time. Nicky and Rowen keep asking when we are going to pick him up from school. As much as I miss him, I keep reminding myself what a great opportunity this is for him ... and not to ruin it with a mother's worrying. I do have some things happening this week that I'm really looking forward to. Right up there on the list is Ash's upcoming visit. Ash was one of the first bloggers I dared contact (before I started my blog) - I couldn't resist an English speaking, cross-stitching, mother of busy kids who lived only a couple of hours away. Even though we've emailed for quite awhile now, we've never managed to meet face-to-face, so this will be a treat. I suspect our kids will love playing together, too! Also this week, I hope to hold a happy dance for Annemarie's neighborhood round robin piece. Today I finally made some decent progress on it, and if I can proceed with some degree of self-discipline I may well finish it by next weekend. Here's hoping!

And to everyone who stops in here to see what's up, I want to say a big, hearty thank you! I've met some wonderful people here! And my dad keeps steering new wonderful people my way (hi Lucille, hi Leslie!). The world is a wonderful place when you realize it's filled with friends.
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