25 April 2006
putting the cart before the horse

As you know, we've had a combination of camera and computer woes for quite awhile now. I left the computer stuff up to Niek, since that's 'his thing' ... but I'd optimistically forgotten how s-l-o-w he is in these matters. He's almost ordered it for about a week now. He says that today he really, really will. We'll see.

But meanwhile, I've kept my eyes and ears open just in case a good digital camera goes on sale. Our Nikon Coolpix has been a wonderful camera for years, but ever since our holiday last summer, it just hasn't taken good pictures. The camera shop said it would take a minimum of 6 weeks to even look at it, and then they couldn't guarantee that they could actually fix the problem. The price they gave us was in the range of hundreds of euros if they could fix it!

Today the Olympus SP-310 went on sale at (of all places) the local drugstore and I was the first one to buy one! It has a whopping 7.1 megapixels and a macro zoom that allows you to get as close as 2 centimeters from your subject! Does this sound like the perfect camera for cross stitch projects? And to delight the photo hobbyist lurking within me, this little gem even has the ability to control it manually! Am I delighted? How loud can I say YES!

Now I just have to actually do some stitching to take some pictures of! Assuming, of course, that my beloved and ever-so-thoughtful DH does manage to order that computer today. LOL.

As for the rest of my day - the sun is out and it is warm enough to wear a T-shirt. The kids have been playing outside since breakfast (other than our trip to the store). I plan to finally get those herbs in the ground and pull out the 3 million weeds that have grown in there since last week. I even managed to order my nephew what I think is a totally cool birthday gift - early enough to actually arrive on time this year! What a great day!

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  • At Tuesday, 25 April, 2006, Blogger Lelia

    Yippie Skippie! A new camera with close-up features. Totally close-up : ) Excellent for stitching stuff.

    LOL - the horse/cart photo is a hoot!

    It is down-right windy and dreary in Indiana. My Nicholas celebrates his 16th birthday. He & DH are going to visit my MIL in Illinois.

  • At Wednesday, 26 April, 2006, Blogger Von

    Way to Go!! You have to grab a bargain when you see one! :D You're going to have way tooooo much fun when Niek finally does get that computer to go with your new camera. At least we all get some benefit too! Lol!