16 April 2006
shoestring enabling for the holidays

Hello, and happy Easter to all who celebrate this fine spring holiday! Have you all noticed that Stitching Bits and Bobs is having another 25% off sale? Oh no! Hiding my credit card doesn't help because they do PayPal. I'll have to exercise my self-discipline. LOL! That's worked so well in the past!!

But for those of us who really are trying to hold to a budget, or for anyone who just enjoys looking at blogs with pretty pictures (unlike this one, where unsuspecting readers are subjected to a close-up of my heavily-freckled schnozz!), I came across a lovely blog while goofing around behind the computer. It's in French, but even if you're franco-challenged (such as yours truly), the pictures make it worth a visit. And the author, Isabelle Vautier, makes visiting even more of a pleasure by including free designs! Here's a list of the ones I found that don't require any special software - have fun!

Scroll down here for a lovely floral freebie: http://isav.over-blog.com/
And a very cute little fish: http://isav.over-blog.com/5-archive-04-2006.html
And here’s a floral heart: http://isav.over-blog.com/15-archive-3-2006.html
And at the bottom of the page, two more: http://isav.over-blog.com/5-archive-1-2006.html
A set of keys: http://isav.over-blog.com/5-archive-11-2005.html
Two mini samplers: http://isav.over-blog.com/archive-10-2005.html

Over in our little corner of the world, the Easter bunny just came for a visit. I did not get all the cross stitching done to make cross stitch tote bags for the kids, but I did make them some applique tote bags with bright bunnies. And someday, I may even be able to post the pictures. I remember my best Easter was when I was 8 or 9 and we lived our in the woods in New Hampshire in this fantastic A-frame. I was convinced when I went out that morning that I saw the Easter Bunny's tracks going around our house! And the good bunny left the best basket ever - not only full of tasty treats, but also homemade bunnies and chicks. The Easter Bunny, aka my Mom, obviously put a lot of time & effort into that Easter and I still remember the delight of those pom-pom chicks. I hope everyone has a celebratory weekend, whatever you do!
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  • At Sunday, 16 April, 2006, Blogger Von

    We're having a very low-key, quiet Easter, consisting of church on Sunday, and dinner here at home with just the six kidlets. Today Kirsten colored eggs with dgs Hans and had a little egg hunt. Two hours later, the clouds overhead dropped their load on us, so our timing was good. :D

  • At Sunday, 16 April, 2006, Blogger Von

    Had to come back and berate you for making me look at another brilliant French blog! Lol!

  • At Monday, 17 April, 2006, Blogger AnneS

    Those French blogs are amazing, aren't they? I love the story of your Mum and Easter - it's the sort of thing my Mum would have done in the early days :) Enjoy the rest of your Easter :)

  • At Monday, 17 April, 2006, Blogger Rachael

    Thanks for the links- I'll be running over there as soon as I am done here. I hope you all had a lovely Easter and continue to have a nice holiday. I loved your Easter story -Aren't mom's wonderful!