03 April 2006
it is finished!

Hello everyone! So sorry to be gone for so long - blogging without pictures just is not as much fun! However, Niek kindly uploaded a bunch of pictures while at work today and I've got enough fodder for a few blog entries now. Hooray!

First & foremost, my Lizzie*Kate mailart started its long voyage to Malaysia today. I nearly had to pry it out of the hands of the postal clerk who was processing it because she liked it so much. It really was funny. She kept picking it up and sort of petting it, then turning it over. "Is this really handmade?" she asked, more than once. Usually when I post an MA, the postal clerks groan about having to do something out of the ordinary, so this lady's reaction was really very welcome. Maybe if I made her one around Christmas time, she'd let me jump the long lines when I go in to mail my holiday packages????

Anyway, the MA was technically supposed to go out on Saturday but, ahem, mine was not ready. Yes, I missed a deadline. I have been in such a terrible stitching slump! But I felt so guilty about being late that I diligently sat down and finished it up, and I think the result is pretty cute. This is the freebie Bloom (front) and an adaptation of the Summer ABC's (back). To make up for being late, I packed the MA full with specialty flosses including a lovely skein of VC 'sherbert'. I also included the chart for Summer ABC's in case Margaret (who is a L*K fan) wants to stitch it. I hope she likes it all!

And do you know what the really amazing thing was? When I finished this envelope, I immediately began a new project and stitched for several hours on it! Hooray, the stitching slump has ended!! And what is this new project, you wonder? Well, I got it in my head that this year I wanted the kids' Easter treats to really be something special. This will quite likely be the last year that they all three believe in the Easter Bunny, so I wanted to pull out all the stops and cross stitch (tote) bags for all three of them. I've started with Max's. And that's all I'm going to say. If you want to know more, you'll just have to come back and look tomorrow!
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  • At Tuesday, 04 April, 2006, Blogger Von

    Yay! The slump has passed!
    Your MA really is cute, Barbara, and I'm sure Margaret is going to love it and all the goodies inside.
    You know I'll be checking tomorrow to see your progress on the bags. :D

  • At Saturday, 08 April, 2006, Blogger AnneS

    Your mail art envelope turned out beautifully! Even if you don't like L*K designs - have to admit, I'm so-so about them. Loved the postal workers reaction ... nice to have it appreciated :D