15 March 2006
geen zin (or "i've lost my spark")

I just don't feel very much like stitching these days. I really think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I can't post any pictures. This month marks my one-year anniversary online (my Cyberstitchers' gallery) and I really had been looking forward to making something of a gala event of it. Instead, here I am reduced to using pictures of old projects or none at all. Maybe my outing on Saturday with Annemarie to a real LNS will enliven me and I'll get into it again. I certainly have plenty of interesting projects: finishing Max's dragon, the Quaker mystery, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow ... and soon I'll be starting the CHS alphabet series (assuming my SB&B order arrives before the next ice age) and a French counting sampler for the nursery (waiting on some VC silks for that one). There's also the new round of our round robin coming up - I get to stitch on Annemarie's neighborhood.

Around the homefront, the kids are doing alright. Nicky and Rowen still have a lingering cold that looks like it will linger till spring. Max is about to hit a growth spurt, if I'm reading the signs right. He and his bunny are bosom buddies and his reading is going a lot better, too. I've just started a pretty aggressive round of antibiotics in an attempt to finally eradicate my skin problems and I'm finally dealing with my, erm, stress issues. Maybe by summer I'll be a calm, clear-skinned, healthy person. I'd especially like that if I also had a computer that would upload images!
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