09 March 2006
and thursday is ...
Do you remember those old commercials from Prince spaghetti? Anthony always ran home because Wednesday was Prince Spaghetti Day? I never got that commercial. I was such a literal kid. I wanted to grow up and marry Mr. Spock. I actually called in to a call-in radio show when I was in junior high school to ask what 'hump day' meant. Being terribly literal, I thought adults had appointed a day to get their marital obligations out of the way. (I am not making this up, that's the sad thing.)

Ahem. I've not had enough sleep, and when that happens, I tend to veer off into uncharted waters very suddenly. Sorry.

So, Thursday is finally Houses of Hawk Run Hollow Day. Phew, that's a mouthful. I don't think any Italian ladies are going to bellow that out of their tenement windows. But today I finally, finally got HoHRH started. Naturally, my start began with a non-start. I own an embarassing array of DMC flosses. I had them listed on my old computer (you remember, the one that let me upload pictures?) and there were over 300. So you'd think I would have practically every color they've put out. But nope, every time I pick up one of Kathy's designs (from CHS or Barrick Designs), I seem to be missing nearly half the colors called for. Every time! How is that possible? I'm beginning to suspect she owns part of DMC. LOL. I adore Kathy's designs and she is one of the nicest, most helpful, most open designer I've met. She even put some of my projects on her website!

But I'm digressing again. This time I was only missing 13 colors. I really wanted to start, but 5 of the missing colors were for the first house ... to cough up the obscene amount of 1.50 euro per skein and start today, or mail order them and wait for their arrival? Finally I took the plunge and spent nearly 20 euro (or $23) for 13 skeins of DMC. They are lovely colors - I can't imagine why I didn't already own them. In addition to going out to purchase these, I had to wind other floss onto bobbins. Maria S. has made me an honorary floss floozie, to my utter delight, and her last batch of floss included 3 of the colors I needed - but they were loose and needed to be wound. Which my kids took as a sort of challenge. When they weren't writing on the floor with magic markers, they were festooning themselves, the cat, and the furniture with strands of floss. sigh At least Gilbert wasn't flying loose, or he'd have probably made a nest of them.

Eventually everything was ready, though by now it was after 3 pm and I had 4 kids at home. So this is what I got done (I don't even need to upload a photo):


90 x's in DMC 780 (one of my new ones). Pretty, isn't it? I particularly like the way it promises more to come ...
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  • At Friday, 10 March, 2006, Blogger Von

    ROTFL!!! Wish I could have heard the call-in show that day. :D

  • At Friday, 10 March, 2006, Blogger Rachael

    I have this problem too. Everytime I want to start a project, I don't have all the colors ,although I keep thinking I must have everything from DMC amd lots of Anchor as well. It must be a conspiracy to keep us shopping.