12 March 2006
can turtles dance?
Another silly title, but my brain is sort of hiccupy from far too little sleep. This weekend has been something of a bust for stitching (I had such plans!) but I did manage to just put in the last stitches of Calen's quilt square, which I will mail out on Tuesday to Quilts4Kids. I'll take a picture, too, in case I come across a 'puter with a working port. I did the turtle freebie from Blue Turtle Designs again, but I did it very differently this time. I like it better. I hope Calen likes it, too!

Max and Nachtegaal are already thick as thieves. Usually you think of a boy and his dog, but Max isn't much of a dog person. His little bunny, however, is just the ticket. Nicky and Rowen get a big kick out of her, too, and keep asking Max if they can go up and look at her. Surprisingly, Nachtegaal doesn't mind all the attention and bursts of activity at all. I get to bunny-sit next weekend while Max is away. can't wait!

On the health front, Niek can't seem to find his stride after being ill, and I'm again confronted with the fact that I am a lousy nurse. After taking night duty the past few nights (to allow Niek more rest), I'm just no fun to be around. Nicky was fine yesterday, but tonight it looked like he might have a relapse. Cross your fingers and toes that he doesn't! Rowen and Max remain healthy, knock wood, and I've done what I can to keep the cooties away from them.

I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife right now, by Audrey Niffenegger, and it's hard to put down. So far, it's far & away the best book of this month's reading list.
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  • At Monday, 13 March, 2006, Blogger Rachael

    The Time Travelers Wife is a great book. I just reread it a couple of weeks ago. The concept of the two of them being alwways on different time scheduals was hard to wrap my mind around ,but it was worth it.
    Hope Niek is feeling better- I too am not a great nurse:-)- and that the wee ones can avoid getting sick.