11 March 2006
swimming through saturday
What a silly title. I'm doing the Blue Turtle Designs sea turtle freebie again, this time for Calen, a Quilts4Kids kid, which is my excuse for the title. This time, I'm doing it in blues, greens, and purples. So far, so good. I'd show you a picture, if only I could. Adding insult to injury, so far the insurance is actually refusing to pay for the stolen computer. Apparently they agree with the police that one must draw one's curtains and lock one's doors at all times, whether home or not. Can you believe it? And this is what we pay our insurance premiums for? I'll stop now. grumble grumble

I've been mulling over Vikki's silks again. They are so wonderful. I'd like to buy some more, for a few projects I've intended to start. I'm probably crazy. Niek would roll his eyes if he were here. Where is he, you wonder? Well, I may have woken up feeling nearly normal again, but he woke up feeling horrible. Yep, it's his turn. He tried to accompany us on a bike ride down to the library, but before too long he looked kind of greenish and decided to return home.

And the biggest news for last: We have a new member of our family! She's tiny, soft, and very cuddly. Max has found his bunny, or his bunny found him: I'm not sure which! When I tucked him in bed tonight, it was as if she'd always been here. For those who aren't aware of the full story, Max has asked for a bunny relentlessly for about 2 years now and I've said no. I love bunnies, but if he's going to have a pet, he has to be able to care for it. Finally, at Christmas, I said I'd entertain the thought of a birthday bunny IF he'd first prove to me he'd learned how to take care of it, had made arrangements for bunny's welfare when he isn't home, and would set aside a certain amount of his weekly allowance for bunny's care. He has checked out and read every book on bunnies in the children's section of the library and has covered a wall with notes! We're very proud of that, because Max is nearly a year behind in his reading and this really proves he can do it. He's just done an excellent job showing that he's ready for the responsibility, so we've been keeping an eye out for the 'right' bunny even though his birthday isn't till next month. And today, we found her - a charcoal-colored dwarf rabbit, only 6 weeks old. He's named her Nachtegaal (Dutch for Nightingale). She's a sweetie. :-)
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  • At Sunday, 12 March, 2006, Blogger Von

    Congrats to Max on his new beloved pet! Did you build a hutch for her? Guess I'm assuming she's outside, but maybe not! Your plants will also be happy with the extra food Nachtegaal will provide. :D

  • At Monday, 20 March, 2006, Blogger Lelia

    Oh, Nightingale sounds like a wonderful name for a bunny. I love rabbits & my kids thrill for cats, dogs, fish & chinchilla. Oh well. Looking forward to viewing a photo!!! Delighted to hear of Max improving on his reading. Our daughter wasn't a 'reader' until 3rd grade & she ended up 5th in her H.S. graduation class. Reading is important & children learn at their own pace (no matter what the experts tell you)

    I'm so sorry the theft saga goes on & on. It is bad enough to endure intruders -- for police & insurance agents to bicker with you is insulting. IMO