19 March 2006
real-life dust bunnies and other adventures
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Max is away this weekend and I thought I'd give his bunny's cage a thorough cleaning this morning. And learned that I should really follow my own advice! If you have to leave the bunny for even a second, put her in her travel box! I stepped out of the room to get some paper to wipe out her cage, and when I stepped back into the room I startled her - she jumped straight up in the air from Max's bed and went backwards over the built-in bookcase to land in a tiny 1 inch gap between the built-in bookcase and a bookcase that is wedged in in such a way that you can only get it out by standing on Max's bed and lifting it straight to the ceiling. I started clearing off the bookcase to lift it, listening for any bunny sounds. There were none. I feared the worst... Finally, I was able to lift the bookcase out (I guess I'm in better shape than I thought) and there was a tiny dark splotch in the corner ... that moved! Hooray! She got away from me while I was breathing a huge sigh of relief, but I soon had her back in her (clean) cage and set about cleaning up the 2 year accumulation of dust and small objects that had been dropped down the hole. What a chore! But the bunny's cage and Max's room are now clean!

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Yesterday was a great day with Annemarie. We checked out the Naald en Draad LNS in Roermond. I would've loved to have bought some linen banding that was perfect for The Sampler Girl's charts Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility ... but at 20 euro a meter, it was just too rich for my blood! I did splurge on some of the DMC linen floss - after looking at it and feeling of it, I think I will enjoy stitching with it. I've got a little BOAF sampler in mind that would look fantastic using it. For the most, I picked up some odds & ends and simply enjoyed being in a real LNS. After shopping, Annemarie drove us over to her home and I was able to meet Pelle and Jula. Pelle and I took turns cracking each other up, while Jula whipped up a delicious meal apparently out of thin air. I had a great time - thank you Annemarie & Jula! And I'm now in possession of Annemarie's neighborhood RR! I took it out when I got home and started going through my charts - a big pile of "no way" and a small pile of "maybe" charts soon resulted. Finally, I decided on elements from several designers: Prairie Moon, Carriage House Samplings, The Goode Huswife, and Elegant Designs. I've put in a couple of pictures (from the SB&B site) of designs I'll be borrowing from, just to tease a bit. As for my something wacky to go into the neighborhood, in all honestly the whole block will be rather wacky. I'm eager to start it now, but I have this mailart exchange that is due out by the end of the month... To be responsible and meet the earliest deadline first, or to just go for it ...?

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Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
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  • At Sunday, 19 March, 2006, Blogger Von

    My goodness, that bunny has a huge startle reflex, lol! So glad that she's o.k. and back in her clean cage in Max's clean room. :)
    Your day with Annemarie sounds wonderful. Just a day away with friends can recharge your batteries.