04 April 2006
hopping along
As promised, here is a progress picture of my current obsession: March Hare by Blackbird Designs. This is what I managed to finish after my first day of stitching (Sunday), but I made some more progress today. I'm almost over to the middle point of the arch. It's an interesting stitch, though the difference between the two shades of green (Shutter Green and Evergreen, both by GAST) is almost impossible to see. The picture doesn't do the fabric justice - this is a Silkweaver solo opalescent that was included with my FOTM a few months ago. It's a glorious summery swirl with golds and blues. Normally I do not like opalescents, but Max loves them. He's convinced that's real gold in there. LOL. I'm trying to stitch it using the given colors, but I'm missing a few and am relying on the color picture to make the best possible match. I will, however, change the rabbit to shades of black to look like Max's bunny, Nightingale.

Several people have asked about the MA fabric. First off, the camera didn't do justice to that one, either. It really was a glorious and unusual color. It was a small cut I bought last year on eBay called Orange Sherbert, put out by the Blended Needle (32 ct lugana).

The rest of our week is going to be very busy. Max has friends coming over after school the next couple of days, and we are also very busy getting ready for Max's birthday and the big party. He handed out his invitations today.
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