17 April 2006
the sun is out - spring has arrived!
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The sun is out and it's warm enough to go out with a light jacket, finally! Hooray!! Of course, the weather here can change in the blink of an eye, but at this moment, everyone in the family is soaking up the sun in one way or another: Niek and Max are constructing the outdoor hutch for Nighingale; Rowen and Nicky are playing in our little backyard playground; and even I am sitting in a pool of sunshine while I type this. If the weather holds (cross your fingers and toes!) we are going to take a family bike ride. Max has had his own bike for a couple of years now, but is still a bit ... unpredictable ... on it, so the practice will do him good. Nicky would love to have his own bike, but we can't find one that'll accomodate those short legs of his, so he still sits in a child seat on the back of my bike while Rowen sits in a baby seat on the front of Niek's bike. She's pretty much outgrown this, so we hope to find Nicky a bike, and switch Rowen over to the larger seat on my bike. It would also be a good day to work on one of my over-one stitching projects, but I am eager to get outside. This winter felt far too long, and it seems like it's been ages since I've been outside with the sun on my skin.

Lately, I've been thinking alot about our upcoming trip to Maine and becoming ever more impatient to be there. Part of me would really love to move back, if it were at all practical on any level. But there are no jobs in the software industry up there, and I don't know how well we'd all react to an overseas move. They are stressful, and I speak from experience! But it will be absolutely wonderful to enjoy a whole month there with family & friends. My biological father and his soon-to-be-wife will come from Arizona to see us. My mom and dad will already be in Maine, since that's where they live. I'll be spending a week with my dear friend Sara, and I'll also get together with Carol! My mom floored us the other day with the offer of using her spare car while we're there, which will save us over $1000, and you can well imagine what welcome news that was! In short, we are all beginning to get very excited about the experience. Niek's parents have offered to take Gilbert, in spite of his bad manners, and Niek's sister will take Max's bunny. We are not as worried about finding a place for Spin, since he spends most of his time outside and can probably just be fed by the neighbors during our absence. Basically, there's not much more to do other than the packing ... and I guess it's too early for that. LOL!
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  • At Monday, 17 April, 2006, Blogger Von

    What a happy post today! I can feel your excitement and joy over a day in the sunshine! We had sun yesterday, but it was still a little too cool to be sitting outside - but that should change this week. :D
    So glad your folks have given you the use of their car while you're visiting; sure helps the budget!! Everything is coming together nicely for your vacation.

  • At Tuesday, 18 April, 2006, Blogger Lelia

    sounds like your holiday plans are moving right along! Enjoy your sunny weather. It is sunny here - but quite chilly.

    Did you hear from Margaret? Did she receive her mailart?

  • At Tuesday, 18 April, 2006, Blogger Rachael

    Your vacation sounds like it is really shaping up. The loan of th ecar is a great and wonderful thing- think of all the things you can do with that extra money :-) Isn't it wonderful to be able to see everyone- my favorite part of visiting the states.

  • At Wednesday, 19 April, 2006, Blogger cathymk

    How exciting to be looking forward to time with your family. I hope everything goes smoothly in the upcoming days while you prepare to go.