17 May 2006
pretty pictures

Max has completed his second evening of the march - Niek tried to get a picture of him last night with his best friend "on the move" and it came out a little blurry but you can see what a great time he's having!

Today, the florist came by with literally an armful of flowers, to my utter amazement. My Mom ordered flowers for me on Mother's Day but they weren't delivered on time. To make up for the delay, the florist included an extra bouquet. The ones from my Mom are loaded with lilacs (my absolute favorite) and the most gorgeous white roses. I just love them!! Those from the florist are also beautiful - a bright orange assortment. Together, the purple flowers and the orange look absolutely amazing with our bright yellow wall! You can't help but feel good looking at them. And the smell! I wish it were possible to share with you! I'll leave you with a few pictures, which really are worth a thousand words. Thank you so much, Momsie, for making me feel special.

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