09 May 2006
tinkering around
I could claim that Maria started it by asking if I'd begun a wedding sampler for Jim and Gaby, but that wouldn't really be honest. I'm a tinkerer at heart. One of the things I enjoy most about cross stitching is changing the designs around. I must be a designer's nightmare! My first cross stitch projects were elements taken from different designs I found in a great old folklore book that I 'liberated' from Sara's basement. I loved the feeling of creating my own designs, even though I wasn't doing anything more glorified than rearranging existing designs. A frustrated designer without artistic talent - kind of like someone who wants to be a novelist but winds up as a technical writer. Oops, that really did happen.

And Maria, I haven't actually put needle to linen yet, but here's my floss toss. This is 32 ct Vintage Belfast linen Autumn Blush. I spent a fair amount of time yesterday counting out spaces for a band sampler of my own devising with some verse added in. If all goes to plan, it will measure 210 by 370. You'll just have to wait for progress pics!

My favorite projects are the ones that I make up as a go along. All the kids' birth samplers are made up using bits and pieces of other designs and lots of imagination. The baby's sampler is also made up, using antique samplers for inspiration. My block on Annemarie's round robin contains elements from Carriage House Samplings, The Goode Huswife, Brightneedle, Prairie Moon, Elegant Designs and Shepherd's Bush (and I'm not done yet!).

We have had some amazing weather, and Rowen is finally able to enjoy her summer dresses. I can't smock, like Von and Connie can, but my Mom sent Rowen this utterly adorable dress and today our little girl feels like quite the princess.

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During the past days, wehave had some ups and downs, to put it delicately, but the support of our friends and family has brought an incredible amount of comfort into our lives. It is in times like this that you really understand how crucial love and support are to our lives and well-being. The baby's prayer should be ready to pick up from the framer next week, and we are looking forward to hanging it in the living room. I'm thinking of (re)framing all the kids' birth samplers and hanging them together.

I hope this day finds you doing something that makes you smile.
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  • At Wednesday, 10 May, 2006, Blogger Rachael

    Rowen looks so sweet in her summer dress! If you decide to hang all of th ekids birth samplers together be sure to post a picture. Also of your framed basby's prayer. I am sure it will be beautiful. I am glad you are feeling a little better and are able to stitch. I countinue to keep you in my thoughts

  • At Wednesday, 10 May, 2006, Blogger Lelia

    Barbara: Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm not up to the finishing (mail art) just yet.

    I"m so new at mail art. I can give you the designer's e-mail address: cecilia@onlyinternet.net. If you put "mail art" on the subject line, she will check the e-mail.

    Next time I work on it, I'll review the instructions & post more about it on the blog (soon)