24 May 2006
i've been so naughty

I'd been really, really good about not buying any cross stitching supplies for quite awhile now. Honest! It actually wasn't hard to do, as most of the new charts out there just don't do anything for me. But then something happened to my steel resolve. First, Stitching Bits & Bobs had a sale and I really do need a bigger Q-Snap for my bigger projects. SBB charges a lot extra to mail a large Q-Snap, so I figured I'd also order a small one, too, so I no longer have to stitch ornaments out-of-hand. And there was the new La-D-Da chart (Love is Little) that I've been drooling over. But it was a reasonable order, really! Then the other day I stumbled across Celtic Stitchery, and they had that something different that I was looking for. Unfortunately, most of their charts are sold as kits with aida cloth, but I figure I can use the aida for my charity stitching. They have some really fun stuff, and Clare (the owner) is really super at answering questions and such. And then tonight I decided that the band sampler I was thinking to make for Jim's wedding is seriously overly ambitious, so I went through my charts and narrowed it to (click on design to see picture):

CHS/Pennsylvania-German Stocking (we are descended from the Pennsylvania Dutch, and Gaby is German)
Hester's Needle/Miniature Band Sampler
CHS/Green Tree

And of course Vikki has gorgeous silk conversions available for all three of these designs, which meant ordering for all three.... Amazingly, it is actually cheaper to order her silks than to purchase the DMC here! That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

Anyway, as I brush the dust off and nurse the bruises from falling off the wagon with a mighty big bump, I have to ask your opinion. Which of the three designs will make the best wedding gift for my father and new step-mother?
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  • At Thursday, 25 May, 2006, Blogger cathymk

    It's such fun being a naughty girl, good on you Barbara! They all look like fun pieces to stitch. I'm looking forward to seeing WIPs of Love is a little, I have La de da fever at the moment. I'm planing a start on Polly wolly doodle soon, myself.

  • At Thursday, 25 May, 2006, Blogger Rachael

    They are all pretty but I like the "green tree" best, all that blue :-) and the heart makes it nice for the wedding. I , myself, have been stitching like mad on a wedding sampler for my dad and his partner who are getting married at the end of July. I only found out a week ago and so I decided on a design and ordered it right away. It is From Kooler Designs and is called "I am my Beloved's.." I was looking for something Jewish and it fits the bill exactly. It too came as a kit with aida, which I put asaid for a lovely piece of cream ,32 count linen . That I just happened to have:-) The sampler has only three colors of blue but lots of areas of solid stitching . It is going to be a race with time as I would like to give it to them at the wedding.