30 June 2006
happy birthday, dear blog
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, one year ago today a baby blog was born! And just look at it now, all full of words and pictures, with a happy circle of friends around the whole world!

To each and every one of you who come visit me here, I want to say thank you! You've filled an empty spot in my life, cheered me on when I've felt down, encouraged me when I was uncertain, steered me in different directions than I would've otherwise tried - in short, you have become dear friends to me and my life has been made richer through contact with you. Thank you!!!

As a birthday gift to my little blog, I've worked at lightening speed (for me) to get my block on Carol's neighborhood completed so I could post it. This one was tricky for me - Carol has such a beautiful, refined, realistic style that I felt very shy and insecure about my usual giant birds, looming houses, tiny trees ... I've learned a good bit about perspective the past week! Here is a close-up of the orchard. If you would like to see the whole block, please pop over to our neighborhood blog, where you can also see what the rest of us are up to these days.

A good friend asked me today if everything was okay because I hadn't been blogging as much as usual. In truth, I'd begun feeling sort of sad again. But my mom - in that magical way of mothers - seemed to understand exactly what I needed and a couple of days ago, I found this in the post. It's a bracelet with the name I wanted to give our baby. I've worn it every day since I got it and it's given me a lot of comfort. (Blogger won't let me load the photo, so this is from Photobucket.)

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On a more positive note, I've applied for a three year course beginning in September. I meet all the requirements, I'm only not sure if I got my application in early enough. I should hear early next week. Cross your fingers for me!

The kids are all doing great - Nicky and Rowen are both at a stage where they seem to develop by leaps & by bounds. Rowen's language has really taken off, and Nicky is ever his forward self. The other day in the supermarket checkout line, he proudly announced that he was a boy and had a penis. I managed to stop him before he proved his point! Max is looking forward to summer holiday, which begins next Friday.
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  • At Saturday, 01 July, 2006, Blogger Von

    Barbara, what a wondrous garden you're making for Carol! I'll pop over to see the entire block here in a bit.
    You're being stretched in your stitching and now beginning a new course of study - how marvelous for you!
    Sorry that you've been feeling down lately. What a lovely memory bracelet your Mom made for you.

  • At Monday, 03 July, 2006, Blogger Heather

    Ah the joys of children LOL Your bracelet is lovely Barbara and the RR piece for Carol is amazing.