10 June 2006
those on the wagon, turn aside!
Remember I mentioned awhile ago that I'd fallen off the wagon with a thud hard enough to make a crater? Well, today the last of my goodies arrived and here are those stash pictures I promised you.

First off, I just joined the SB&B Monthly Bits (GAST fibers) and I wish I'd done that a long time ago. They send a freebie chart or two, the shipping is FREE and the selection is awesome. This month, Bobbie even included a little extra floss on a thread ring. I'd also ordered some thread rings, floss away bags, and the La-D-Da pattern from SB&B. The lovely linen I've laid the GAST fibers on is the piece that Annemarie gave me for my birthday. Also in this picture are the Fine Lines magazine, Pennsylvania Redware pattern, and old JCS issue I ordered from Traditional Stitches. Thanks for the tip, Carol!

Next up are two charts that I ordered from Cross Stitch Art. I've subscribed to their newsletter for awhile, but never ordered till I ran across mention of how good their charts are in someone's blog ... I thought it was Jenna's, but when I now check back, I can't find mention of it. As you can see here, the charts are remarkably clear, and the shipping was very fast.

And finally, I really splurged at Clare's Celtic Cornucopia (and if you are looking to drop a few bucks, I can really recommend this ONS!). Squint a bit at this picture because almost everything here is intended for gifts. That gorgeous dragon will be for Max, of course, though at the speed I'm stitching he may not get it till he goes away to college. LOL! Clare was wonderful to do business with, and I've warned her that she can expect to see me again. (Blogger refuses to accept this picture, so I've had to use Photobucket.)

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This weekend, the weather is like summer. It's sunny & warm, the day feels lazy & long. The kids are playing happily. Niek has begun teaching Nicky how to ride Max's old bike with training wheels. Where on earth does the time go? Max just outgrew this bike 2 years ago, and now Nicky is trying to ride it. Rowen is absolutely furious that she is too small to ride it and has been protesting loudly. She has a tricycle, but that's just too babyish compared to a real bike!

I hope that whatever you are doing, and whoever you're doing it with, you're smiling all the while!
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  • At Saturday, 10 June, 2006, Blogger Sharon

    What glorious stash! I especially love the Cross Stitch Art patterns. Nevermind falling off the wagon, you fell in a good way! I can see that my efforts to climb onto the wagon are fruitless however! LOL

  • At Sunday, 11 June, 2006, Blogger Rachael

    OMG- You not only fell off the wagon , it backed up and rolled over you too. LOL . How will you decide what to do first?