06 June 2006
what a great mini-holiday!

We had a wonderful time during our little holiday on the Veluwe, though we didn't actually do much of anything. Niek had rented a "kids' bungalow" which had a whole special play room for the kids and was a big hit. The house was large and very comfortable (in strong contrast to our CenterParcs experiences). The setting is as natural as possible (with something like 400 houses) and we were treated to some local wildlife including red squirrels (impossible to photograph), hares, and a "wild chicken" who joined us for breakfast on our first day.

There were activities for the kids, but we didn't make use of those. Instead, we enjoyed a family bike ride and even rented a family skelter to tour the surroundings. These things are heavy! Niek and I got our exercise!

On our last day, Max managed to get painted as a clown (by a face painter who appeared to be in rather a hurry) and went home like this. He was pretty disappointed that he had to wash his face before bed - he'd hoped to go to school like this!

Unfortunately, both Nicky and Rowen have come down with some sort of rash and mild fever, and I seem to have bronchitis again, so we're off to visit the doctor this afternoon. It didn't affect how much we enjoyed our vacation, though!
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  • At Wednesday, 07 June, 2006, Blogger Von

    Hi Barbara!
    What a great weekend house Niek found for all of you to spent some time away! The kids all look so happy. :D
    You must have had just a little too much fun tho to have come down with these bugs. Hope the doc will get you all feeling better real soon.

  • At Friday, 09 June, 2006, Blogger Rachael

    It looks like you had a wonderful weekend- I wqs expecting the bunny to be with you on though! I hope your wee beasties are feeling better.