02 June 2006
oh happy day
Hi everyone - thank you so much for your birthday wishes! I had a great day! I had a chance to do a little stitching on Annemarie's neighborhood, though I didn't finish my block as I'd hoped to (Nicky's had a rough time sleeping, and Niek & I are impersonating zombies as a result). I am pretty close to being finished, though, and you can see my newfound mastery of French/Colonial knots on the lupins. LOL.

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We went out for dinner last night with our kids plus Max's best friend. We've taken the kids to this restaurant a number of times, but Max's buddy had never been ... so Max was transformed into Mr. Sophistication, leading his pal around and pointing everything out and even chatting to the cook and waitstaff! It was just too adorable. Rowen tucked in the way she always does when we go out for Chinese, and I think she ate nearly as much as Niek did. Every time someone would come around to clear plates & glasses off the table, she'd grab her plate and glare, muttering "I is not done yet!" Yesirre, look out for this one, world! And Nicky, though still not feeling quite 100% due to a mild fever and some sleepless nights, had a wonderful time looking at everything and walking around a bit and just soaking it all in. It was just a fantastic evening out.

But that wasn't all! I received gifts in the mail! Annemarie totally spoiled me with a huge packet that contained a Blackbird Desgins chart that I've wanted since forever, a gorgeous cut of linen from Naald & Draad in Roermond, a complete set of the new DMC color variations, a clover cutter so I can optimistically take it on our flight (like I can stitch with 3 kids on a plane! but one can dream...), and other goodies. Annemarie, you are just far too generous!!!

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And Karen V. sent me the most adorable Brightneedle project that, as she said in her card, really is appropriate given our recent run of misfortune. It is a beautiful project, and it will teach me how to make these lovely smalls. I've wanted to try this finishing technique but wasn't really sure how to do it. Now I can look at Karen's perfect technique and learn from it. Karen, I've displayed this in the living room where everyone can see and admire it. Thank you so much.

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And Isabelle surprised me by sending a second packet, containing a pattern to make little girls' dresses - as she said, she thought it would look perfect on Rowen, and it will. It's supposed to be an easy pattern, so hopefully even my limited skills will be up to the challenge. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of this, but I will. Isabelle, thank you - perhaps one day, I'll become more proficient with my ancient sewing machine!

Finally, Niek surprised me by booking a vacation bungalow for the weekend in the Veluwe. We haven't done this since right after Rowen's birth, and it's been something I've really wanted to do. I love the Veluwe area - it's my favorite part of Holland other than the extreme north along the coast - and there is lots & lots of room for the kids to play and wander and explore. My favorite museum, the Kroller- Muller, is also nearby. We're going to pack up the bikes, the clothes, and even the bunny for a wonderful long weekend. Our neighbor has graciously agreed to feed Spin and Gilbert while we're gone. It will be great fun.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!!
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  • At Friday, 02 June, 2006, Blogger Von

    What a grand day, Barbara! You were thoroughly spoiled. :D
    Your weekend in Veluwe sounds perfect! Sounds like my favorite weekends out in our travel trailer. Enjoy!

  • At Sunday, 04 June, 2006, Blogger Rachael

    Have a lovely ,relaxing, healing long weekend. I have a vision of all of you biking along with the bunny peeking out of Max,s bike basket- I know it is just my imagination but it is a fun picture.