17 June 2006
the truth about dogs ... and birds?
Or alternatively titled: The birds and the dogs...

This morning when I came home from yoga, I found an addition to our family - a very lively little Jack Russell terrier had let herself in to the garden and the house and had promptly taken over. The kids were delighted, and we all enjoyed playing catch with her. Terra, as the doggie turned out to be named, was tremendously curious about Gilbert (and vice versa). Eventually we managed to track down the real owners, who had missed their little girl - but our kids were pretty sad to see her go.

I found a little bit of stitching time on this busy, sunny day to finally finish my Dumbo square for the circus quilt being assembled by Cross Stitching for Charity. I had a hard time with this one and asked myself more than once why I signed up for it. I do not have a single circus-themed pattern to my name. And this is a big square (9 inches square) to fill up! The Dumbo is actually a knitting pattern. The car is from an old DMC booklet. The seal and one clown were from another freebie site, and the final clown is one I made up. I'm pretty relieved to be done, and next time I will be more careful to sign up for projects that I can actually deliver. LOL!

Tomorrow is Father's Day and the kids have made some terrific gifts for their Daddy. We are hoping he'll sleep in a bit, so I can make pancakes for breakfast. I also made reservations at a smoke-free restaurant in Delft for dinner. I love eating out in Delft - or doing anything there. It's a beautiful city. Hopefully we'll also stop in to see some friends who just had a baby girl and also by an eBay seller who had some very nice books for sale that I sort of bought. Oops.
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  • At Tuesday, 20 June, 2006, Blogger Von

    It's difficult to pull different designs together, but I think you're getting used to it with all the practice on your Neighborhood rrs. :D

    Is smoking quite predominant in Netherlands? No non-smoking sections?

    There are stories told in our church (predominantly Dutch Reformed background) about how years ago, there was a mad rush for the door after worship service so the men could get out for their smoke. Things have really changed!