05 July 2006
new faces
Yes, I rock! Ahem, I mean to say, I managed to pull my fat out of the fire. This is pretty much how I intended my blog to look when I started monkeying about last night and made a dog's dinner of it (how's that for a bunch of mixed metaphors?).

I wanted a blog header with flowers - herbs, to be more precise - and I wanted a cooler/fresher color because it's so bloody hot here that I can barely breathe. But I made such a mess of things last night! Then this morning I put up a Blogger template, just to have something there, but I really wanted ... well, what I wanted. LOL! My mom raised a stubborn child.

Thanks to Patti, who has a gorgeous new look, I wandered over to the site she credited and I liked the layout of a particular template, but not the colors or the picture. So, I copied the template and started experimenting. No way I could learn all about HTML in one day with four kids here, but I'm not afraid of trial & error! So I owe credit for the backbone to Cristina Calabrese. I owe credit to Mandarin Design for their free tips and their easily-readable layout (which allowed me to scan with one eye and watch the kids with the other). The background is from another free site that you really should check out, Citrus Moon. Finally, I stole the herbal picture without permission (so please don't tell on me!)from a gardening site.

Obviously, I haven't done much more than glance at my stitching in passing. But keeping with the theme of new faces, here is young Sven with my two wee beasties. They had a great day together!

PS: I still haven't figured out how to get my HaloScan comments back on. But I will!
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  • At Wednesday, 05 July, 2006, Blogger Concetta

    Your new "look" is stunning... I truely love it. Your perseverance paid off. Go you!

  • At Wednesday, 05 July, 2006, Blogger Dianne

    Very different! You're like I was last year with mine. What's good about Blogger is that you can preview before saving.
    I'm sure the garden blog would be flattered that you used their photo.

  • At Wednesday, 05 July, 2006, Blogger KarenV

    I love your new look! There must be something in the air, because I've seen so many fresh templates on blogs just lately.

    I'm due a revamp, I think, I'm getting sick of the pink and need somthing stronger/brighter. I'll have to check out the sites you linked to and see what I come up with :)

  • At Wednesday, 05 July, 2006, Blogger Annemarie

    Oh wow! NOW I see what you mean, Barbara. This is, indeed, a lovely combination of colours, themes, and the photo is a nice, unexpected surprise! Oh no, though! Now I really think I should change my blog colour as well. The heat must be getting to me...

  • At Wednesday, 05 July, 2006, Blogger catandturtle

    I love to read your posts, they are so funny. The little "beasties" are adorable. :)

  • At Wednesday, 05 July, 2006, Blogger Michelle

    Congrats on the new look. I love the herbs!

  • At Wednesday, 05 July, 2006, Blogger Anita

    I love it Barb, it looks cool and serene

  • At Wednesday, 05 July, 2006, Blogger Susimac

    It looks great Barbara, I really like your new look

  • At Thursday, 06 July, 2006, Blogger lena-lou

    All change again...your getting worse than me lol. I know that dreaded feeling well when it just won't come right but we aint doing bad for HTML novices. This looks really nice, I liked last nights but this is gentler on the eyes :-) The little ones look lovely.

  • At Thursday, 06 July, 2006, Blogger Cory

    You did a great job on this. And I love that I can see your face now!

  • At Thursday, 06 July, 2006, Blogger Anna

    Nice new template! Love the picture : ) I can help you with haloscan if you would like : )

  • At Thursday, 06 July, 2006, Blogger Cathy

    Barbara, your new look is fabulous! Hmmmm...maybe I should update mine?

  • At Thursday, 06 July, 2006, Blogger Kim

    Love the new template, sorry it was such a terror to set up. ;) But look how well it came out. :D The colors are definately very cool and soothing. :D

    And catching up on your blog it looks like you all are having a fun summer!

    Have a great weekend! :D

  • At Thursday, 06 July, 2006, Blogger Faith Ann

    The new look is great!! Good for you for sticking with it :)

    The countdown to Maine is getting smaller!

  • At Thursday, 06 July, 2006, Blogger Patti

    Barbara, it looks fantastic! I love the colors and the photo at the top. The results of your "tinkering" are outstanding!

  • At Thursday, 06 July, 2006, Blogger Nona

    It looks awesome Barbara! I think that you have found your calling... :) The beasties look as if they are having a wonderful time. :)

  • At Friday, 07 July, 2006, Blogger Von

    Barbara, you're so brave to go about experimenting with your blog template! I'm sure I'd make sure DH was nearby before I ever even thought about it, lol!

    Anyway, the effect is amazing and does just what you wanted, I think! Thanks for the links. :D