05 July 2006

It was hot last night and my blog colors just looked so warm - too warm, I decided. I want some blue. And some herbs instead of the loon. So I backed up the template done by the wizards at the now-defunct Gemmak Designs and started fooling around. I found some colors I really liked, saved the new template over the old one, and tried it on for size. Didn't like it! Well, no worry, I had made a backup of the old one ... or so I'd thought!! For some reason (some mistake on my part, I should say!) I had not saved the entire template and I could only put my background up - no posts, no comments, nothing. And whenever I tried to tweak the new template, even for something as simple as the font, the whole thing went wonky and wouldn't work. I considered seriously freaking out, but it was too hot and too late at night. Wisely, I decided to go to bed instead and deal with it this morning.

So this morning I checked my email to see if Jane of the sadly-missed Gemmak Designs had responded to my SOS. When she hadn't, I made one last attempt to salvage my well-intended, but sadly failed customized template and when that didn't work, I decided the only solution for now was to take an off-the-shelf Blogger template. I've managed to get my Blogroll back but I still haven't managed to insert my Haloscan comments HTML in the right place so that it works.

It's obviously time to learn HTML for real instead of just messing around! But today we have a visitor for the day - little Sven has come to play today since his mom has a special training course for the day. With three little ones (Sven is 9 months old but can crawl and stand up) to watch, it's not a day for sitting behind the computer!
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  • At Wednesday, 05 July, 2006, Blogger Patti

    It looks great Barbara! By the way, when are you all leaving to come to the states? I'm looking forward to getting together and doing some stash enhancement!

  • At Wednesday, 05 July, 2006, Blogger Nona

    I love this look on your blog! Nice cool colors, not as warm. :) I hope that you have loads of fun with the little ones today! *hugs*

  • At Friday, 07 July, 2006, Blogger Von

    Oh yes! You'd better keep an eye on those angels. Some of the best mischief is accomplished when friends are over and mom is preoccupied, lol!